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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very simple: we do not collect any personal information for any pourpose excepted those who concern billing. We do not have any kind of relationship with any firm using spam or mailing lists. Never in the past, in the present or in the future, we abused or will use in a not proper way our customers information. Only messages strickly related to technical information concerning our software could be sent in the future. Our websites do not use (and will not use in the future) any SpyWare or Dialer or any kind of invasive technology.

Italian Privacy Policy (L 675/96)

All personal information that you provide us, is subject to the Italian Privacy policy (L 675/96). This information is automatically being dealt with and its bestowal is indispensable for its registration (and consequently for the achievement of the certificate.) In conformity with art.10 of the law 675/96 the information, collected by ServerDev, is used exclusively to create the information that you have asked for or rather for the purchase order subscription and billing. ServerDev binds itself not to give or sell any of your given information to a third party, but to keep it to itself. The owner of this treatment is SERVERDEV, 222, V. S. MARIA 09036 GUSPINI (CA), that has the right to control, correct, cancel or oppose to the treatment of this information in conformity with art. 13 of the above-named law. (art. 12, lett. A e B, L. 675/96).

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